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A successful move is well planned. From the very first phone call to moving your family into your new home, we leave no detail to chance. Our goal is to provide excellent, stress-free service at affordable rates. From the free, no-obligation estimates, to pad wrapping all of your furniture before...

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2 months ago
It gave me great comfort to have Chris with Quality Moving Co. assist me with one of my Clients in Murfreesboro, TN. Been an Interior Designer in NC doing work in several states and need sources and resources to rely on for products and services. I found Quality Moving CO.to be a great asset for my business. When you have a reliable source like Quality Moving Co reflecting a strong positive approach when they arrived and left my client's with a feeling of comfort. Thank you Chris. Look forward in using you again and as my clients. HIGHLY recommend you to everyone who needs a trusting Moving company like Quality Moving Company.
- Charles A
2 months ago
Great service and great people. They were able to move us within a great time and worked with us on the fly with moving. I would use Quality Moving Co again in the future!
3 months ago
Great job with a huge safe! Same day service and nice guys! Great price too !!
- Kevin C

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Locally Owned Moving Company Serving the Middle Tn Area, backed with 10+ years experience. We specialize in Local & Long distance moves, Commercial & Residential, as well as small deliveries and Moving Labor Services.

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